OUR SERVICES include information about individuals and organization gathered from reliable sources through discreet channels, character verification and business surveys (Competitive Strength, Solvency etc)

  • PRE MATRIMONIAL Collecting information's about his / her character activities, qualification, job, income and family background.
  • POST MATRIMONIALMonitoring doubtful illicit character activities of husband or wife Collecting evidence in DIVORCE CASES for family courts including documents, photographs, tape-recordings eye witnesses etc.,
  • SHADOWINGRound the clock, stationary and mobile surveillance of persons with upto the minute endpoints of locations undertaken.
  • TEENAGERS MONITORING Keep a check on your teenage sons / daughters. Worst kind of vices are around drinks, drugs, gambling, and intimacy. Entrust us, we will conduct random monitoring of your wards. Should there be a suspected love affair, that can be monitored and stopped.
  • TRACING OF MISSING PERSONS AND DEBTORS disgusted run-away's, teenage elopements, lost and missing persons can be traced and returned. If your debtor is underground, we will reveal you.
  • THEFT Our sleuths trace the evidence to identify the culprit. Thefts in houses, godowns, offices, factories fall under this purview.
  • CHEATING, FRAUD'S, BLACKMAILING Cheated in the name of securing, government jobs, jobs abroad, college seats, property deals and cheating of all varieties. Illegal extortion's, black mailing can be successfully averted.
  • EMLPOYMENT SCREENING This shall mean certifying the fidelity of a person to be employed. A close scrutiny of his background such as screening past employment, criminal antecedents, education, family set-up, character would definitely help an employer in the long run.
  • CIVIL, CRIMINAL, LEGAL, PROPERTY, INSURANCE INVESTIGATION In investigation of civil, criminal cases, we collect evidence including documents, material objects and eyewitnesses to Produce in Courts.
  • ASSET VERIFICATION We provide a list of immovable and movable of individuals, firms, companies with documentary evidence of ownership.
  • FORGERY Forgery has advanced technically manifold. For detection of forged signatures, certificates documents we have a special unit.
  • TRADE MARKS AND PATENT RIGHTS Services include uncovering of persons, firms and their work place involved in passing off, infringing trade marks and patents rights helping to prosecute manufacturers of spurious products.
  • INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE DBI undertakes undercover jobs in factories and firms to track down pilferage. The mode of the operation is to infiltrate into the holds of regular employees to identify methods used by those indulging in thefts, pilferage and sabotage of normal work within the organisation. Timely reports are submitted to enable the clients to take precautionary measures in time. A new venture SDBI enters a new field.
  • COUNSELLING For matrimonial problems, love affair problems, teenagers problems / Crisis management and for dejected persons in life.
  • LAISONING WITH POLICE DEPARMENT LAISONING with police in the cases against / for them. We hold briefs for you in police cases, whether in lodging complaints or in attending complaints against you. Efficient handling during police action for the peace of mind.
  • ADVOCATE PANEL We have an advocate panel representing in High Court, Lower Courts for civil, Criminal Cases, Family Court Cases, Intellectual Property Rights and for all types of Problems, Cases we have Experienced, Senior Lawyer Engagements.
  • NRI SERVICES We verify, Advice about any Persons, Properties, Business, Builders, Real Estate Owners, Business Partners, Life Partners, Educational Institutes, Hospitals and their Fidelity. We have a Day Today Pulse of the Leading Professionals (Advocates, Doctors, Builders) in their respective fields, whom we can suggest for your particular types of problems.
  • OUR DETECTIVE SERVICES also include Undercover Operations / Doubtful Deaths / Verifications of Insurance Claims & Motor Vehicle Claims / Telephone Threats / Market Survey / Due Diligence & Credit Worthiness / Special Security Force & Legal Remedies provided by well experienced Lawyers
  • MWDA functions round-the-clock without any holidays.
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